The Stillpoint

The StillPoint Retreat Space A Sanctuary in the Heart of Nature!

The StillPoint retreat space is a brand-new addition to Lauvitel Lodge!

Stillness in ActionIt has been purposefully constructed to create a space that is wholly dedicated to helping us reconnect with ourselves, and reconnect with nature. We believe that by so doing, we will make better decisions for ourselves, better decisions for our businesses and better decisions for the planet.

The Space

View of the Mountain Setting
Interior View Facing the Bi-Fold Doors

Situated in the heart of nature, in a breath-taking part of the French Alps, the StillPoint Space is designed to be light and spacious. It forms a protective crucible that is open to the influence of the natural elements.  A single, octagonal space, constructed principally of wood and glass, so that there are 5 sides that are glass doors and windows, opening up to the outdoors.

m2 Hexagonal
Indoor Space
3 Sides Folding
Glass Doors
Velux Windows
Mountain Views
storage spaces


  • 90m2 Octagonal indoor space
  • Wooden floor with underfloor heating
  • Structure primarily of wood and glass
  • Designed for maximum space, light and openness to the surrounding natural elements.
  • 3 sides with folding glass doors leading out into the gardens
  • 2 sides glass windows, and 2 main entrances
  • 4 Velux windows giving views of the surrounding mountains
  • 1 Side with white wall for screen projections
  • Wood burner
  • 2 storage spaces for equipment
  • Meditation cushions, yoga mats
  • Interactive seminar screen / projector, white board, flip chart, folding tables and chairs

All other facilities such as toilets, kitchens, drinks, etc. are within the accommodation in the main Lodge, 30 meters from the StillPoint Space. The StillPoint is a no shoe space.

Side View

Mission and Purpose Reconnect with Nature!

At the heart of the purpose of the Still Point are sustainability and connection

At Lauvitel Lodge we believe that connecting with nature and listening to our inner voice will guide us in the right direction. Whether that be in our personal journey, in our work and business, or our causes and efforts toward world-embetterment.

The phrase so often used on a school report comes to mind.  Could do better.  We could do better.  We know we could do better and there is a strong and growing desire to do much better.  As human beings, we are brilliant. Our ingenuity, innovation, science, technology and more, have boundless capability. It is imperative that we now engage and apply them consciously from a perspective of unity.

At the heart of the purpose of the Still Point are sustainability and connection.

  • Sustainability – Sustainability of our own well-being and happiness; sustainability of our businesses and relationships; sustainability of our relationship with the planet.
  • Connection – Connection and integration of all the different aspects of who we are and all the different roles each one of us plays.  This means working with mind, heart, body and soul, in everything that we undertake.

We are all of nature.  It is so engrained in our way of thinking that human beings are separate from nature, that it is challenging to find the language the expresses this inherent unity.

Why the still point?  Because all great action starts in stillness.  It is in stillness that we come home to centre, gathering ourselves in, quietening the frenetic action and business of everyday.  It is in stillness that we let go of old ways of doing things and imagine new possibilities.  It is in stillness that new beginnings emerge – beginnings that are more attuned with ourselves and with nature.

Using the Space

Lauvitel Lodge is seeking to partner with people and organisations who are aligned with our mission and wish to use the StillPoint space, and the lodge, to host their events and retreats on a recurring basis.

If you are interested in learning more and potentially becoming one of our partners, please complete the application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Retreat Accommodation