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Uncovering The Heart’s Intention Retreat: A Journey to Self-Leadership


Uncovering The Heart’s Intention:
A Journey to Self-Leadership

Discover how to manifest your heart’s true intentions and gain a clearer vision of your goals, values, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and motivations. In this three-part journey, including two 3-hour workshops and a 3-day retreat, you’ll build a strong foundation from which to make daily decisions — both professionally and personally.

Throughout the journey you will:

  • Cultivate skills for greater clarity
  • Identify what’s blocking you success and fulfillment
  • Practice embodying your new changes
  • Learn how to use your body as a tool to navigate life with ease and certainty

Benefits you can expect:

  • Expand your perspective; create more choice and ease in your life
  • Exchange non-serving beliefs, thoughts, and habits for those that truly serve you
  • Move from reacting to life – A life by default – to having life respond to you – A life by design

This programme is for men and women in transition.

Whether you are seeking to reconnect with your inner self, picking yourself up after a major life event or at a crossroad and wondering which direction to take, it is a time to identify your strengths and desires so that you can successfully make changes and realize your professional and/or personal goals.

Your Facilitators

Naida Culshaw

Leadership Facilitator“I am curious by nature. I particularly enjoy exploring the perspectives of the past and present to uncover possible future scenarios. As a developmental coach, workshop facilitator and NLP practitioner, I encourage individuals, teams and organizations to imagine new approaches and embrace the unforeseen. My passion is to encourage reflection, growth, and stretch-thinking in order to build a greater capacity for transformation and create an environment where intrinsic aspirations can be nourished. Learn more about me:

Caroline Purkhardt

Caroline Purkhardt“I am a lover of nature. As a transition coach and leadership mentor I bring people to stillness so that they can delight in action, true to self, and take their part in divine creation. Being a T’ai Chi Teacher and Meditation Practitioner I invite people to listen to their body wisdom and inner knowing, focusing on the presence they bring and the impact they have on others. My passion is exploring the full range of our feminine and masculine energies and accompanying people as they step into the unknown with ease and grace. Learn more about me at”

Programme Overview and Dates

Please note, there is a description of each stage of the programme following this link.


person in awe of a head full of pictures

Saturday September 19 (Grenoble) or September 26 (Paris)

3-hr workshop – Live a Life by Design, Not by Default

3-day retreat

Lauvitel Lodge in SummerThursday 8 October – Sunday 11 October

3-day retreat – Creating a Life of Purpose

Lauvitel Lodge will be your spacious home and safe haven during the retreat or if you choose during most of the programme. Set in the magnificent mountains of the Southern French Alps, it is the perfect place for exploring the natural elements in relationship to ourselves. Your presence also brings the wisdom of conscious awareness, from which new beginnings are born and old patterns are transformed.



Saturday 7 November (Grenoble) or Saturday 14 November (Paris)

2hr Post-retreat session: Companions on the Journey


What You Will Get

  • 3-hour Pre-Retreat workshop: Live a Life by Design, Not by Default
  • 3-day retreat in the beautiful nature setting of the Alpes
  • Two individual sessions with one of our experienced facilitators
  • 2-hour Post Retreat Session: Companions on the Journey

Creating a Life of Purpose – Retreat Only Option:

If you have limited time and/or would like to focus your energy and funds on just the 3-day weekend retreat, that’s an option! Join us for an intensive weekend where you’ll be guided by experienced facilitators who will help you re-connect with your own inner strength and wisdom, as well as create a safe space for you to explore, envision, share and get clarity.

If you’d like to add a 60 minute personalized pre-retreat and/or post-retreat virtual call to your package, please let us know.

Book Now

Please note the programme is limited to 12 participants, therefore we recommend you sign up right away.

Your Next Step:

Book your accommodation at Lauvitel Lodge:

For your retreat stay we are offering a special accomodation rate, which includes accommodation for three nights, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee/snacks plus transfers from Grenoble Gare to Lauvitel Lodge on 8th October and the return transfer on 11th October.

Bedrooms (pricing per person)

Early Bird (before June 30th)

Standard Price

Single Bedroom with private shower or bathroom

350 €

400 €

Single Bedroom with shared bathroom

300 €

350 €

Shared Bedroom (2 single beds) with shared bathroom

250 €

300 €

To book your place at Lauvitel Lodge go to

Payment Plans are available. Please contact us to co-design installments that suit you.

Book your place early before June 30th and your total savings will be 300 €!

Lauvitel Lodge Autumn Retreat


Upcoming Autumn Retreats:

Rest                              Play                                  Release

Close your eyes and picture a mountain-side Alpine hamlet bathed in autumnal light and color.  Now place yourself in that picture.  Hear the river’s waters sing in the distance.  Sense the clean crisp air on your skin.  Smell the delicious food someone else is cooking for you.   Hear the laughter of new friends playing together and sharing life’s adventures. Experience replenishment and release as you explore the outside world of the mountains and expand the inner worlds of your body, mind and soul.

Sound like a fairy tale?   It is actually very real and you can be there to capture every sound and taste and feeling.

Two Programmes.. One Location.  One Expansive You.

Come and stay and play for both retreats and enjoy these extras: Free accommodations September 28-30, 2014 and a reduction in the cost of the two retreats. (Note: You do not have to attend both retreats.)

Lauvitel Lodge Autumn 2014 Retreat Series:

autumn retreatsSeptember 24-28, 2014

Presencing Mind, Body, and Nature

Presencing Mind, Body and Nature is a five day personal adventure retreat in which you will find stillness in activity and action in stillness.  By integrating mindfulness, embodiment and the five natural elements you will discover the fullness of your presence as a human being. Read More.

autumn retreats

October 1-5, 2014

The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Transforming Your life From the Outside In

(There will be new dates announced for this workshop in 2015, Register your interest below.)

The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop Fall Retreat is an incredible opportunity to build community and to reconnect with yourself, your Source, and your life.  Here’s what you can expect.

Location: Lauvitel Lodge, La Danchère, Venosc, France

Included in Your Programme Package(s)

  • 4 nights accommodation (double occupancy)
  • 12 meals, including snacks and coffee/tea bar
  • Programme facilitation and materials
  • Coaching packages (see individual programmes)

Available Extras:

  • Come early, Stay after
  • 65 € for bed, breakfast and dinner
  • Reiki
  • Coaching
  • T’ai Chi
  • Single occupancy bedroom (20 € per night supplement)

Programme Pricing

RetreatSpecial Early Bird (first 4)  Early Bird (before Sep 1)Buddy (bring a friend)Full Price* (Pay this if you can)
Presencing Mind Body and Nature

(Sept 24 – 28, 2014)

Five Tibetan Yoga Workshop

(Oct 1-5, 2014)


(transferable) deposit

(incl. above)

€200 remainder due upon arrival€200 remainder due upon arrival€200 remainder due upon arrival€200 remainder due upon arrival
Combined Retreats

(Meals and accommodations for Sept 28-30 at no charge)

Non-refundable (transferable) deposit for combined retreats€400 remainder due upon arrival€400 remainder due upon arrival€400 remainder due upon arrival€400 remainder due upon arrival

* This is the actual cost of the programmes based on the regular prices charged at the Lodge and by the facilitators. We are making the Autumn Retreat Series as accessible as possible. If you are able to pay the full price, we will appreciate your generosity. This will help us continue to offer affordable retreats for more people.

Register Now:

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Should you have any question right now, email us!

We cannot wait to meet with you and work with you in this glorious setting in this

magical time of year.

Forms of Payment Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, euro cheques, bank transfers

UK and Europe: All payments will be made in Euros.

USA: Payments in US dollars are possible.