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#DeepTalkAnywhere Retreat


Learn to connect deeply and stay in touch with anyone – while being location independent. Join us for the #DeepTalkAnywhere Retreat in the heart of the French Alps.

As a location independent entrepreneur or freelancer, you may feel like there is something missing in your life. Something that has to do with the feeling of belonging and connection with others.

Sure – not being bound to one location grants you immense freedom. You don’t have to go to places you don’t want to be in. You don’t need to label your days as “weekdays” or “weekends”. You can plan your work, vacation and social life as you please.

That is a great amount of independence you have there. But what about your thirst for the internal freedom? The one that allows you to:

  •         be authentic and open in interactions with others?
  •         engage in conversations that you are passionate about?
  •         socialize in ways that you find compelling and valuable?


deeptalkanywhere retreat


We are all becoming tired of short-lived, random interactions. They leave us with nothing but a feeling of emptiness or hangover after yet another “happy hour” at a bar with a bunch of strangers. Small talk about food and cryptocurrency, or cliché cultural jokes don’t make for a great social life either.

We conducted a survey which indicates that what location independent people miss the most from their lifestyle are meaningful conversations and fulfilling relationships.

Many believe that it is difficult to create and maintain friendships when on the go. It is hard to open yourself up in front of a stranger, to connect with peers over Skype or to stay in touch with somebody you briefly met on the road.

Similarly, it can be difficult to drive a car, speak a foreign language or bake a cake. All these aren’t easy for those who haven’t learned how to do it. Yet, we commonly believe that things like driving a car or learning Spanish are just a matter of practice.

Why wouldn’t it be just the same with creating meaningful human connections?


Everyone around you is hungry for connection

deeptalkanywhere retreat


A great part of freelancers and location independent entrepreneurs admit that they struggle with relationships in their life. For one thing, the issue is about connecting with their loved ones back at home. Another problem is failing to create meaningful new connections while travelling the world or… working from home.

Here is what the respondents of our Digital Nomad Relationship Survey had to say:


“I often feel lonely. I meet new people, but I rarely have a true connection with them. It’s usually a pleasant encounter, but not deep enough.”

“I miss having people I can share moments or talk about my day with.”

“It’s easy to make casual friends, but the transient nature of the lifestyle makes it hard to solidify true friendships.”

“I never see my family in person. Skype and other communication methods are a not as an effective substitute as I would have hoped when it comes to keeping in touch with my close family.”


It may not be immediately apparent how many people around you struggle with this. When you scroll down your Facebook or Instagram feed, you are likely to see a lot of happy faces.

Those guys often seem to be living perfect lives, full of vibrant friendships all around the world.

But does it come as a surprise if we say that social media don’t tell the whole truth?

The friendships that you think you see in your Facebook feed are often non-existent. The truth is, most of those people are thirsty for the same thing as you – deep and meaningful connection with other humans.

They might never express it. But deep down, they want it badly.


deeptalkanywhere retreat


The shift in how location independent people approach their relationships is in the works. And there is no turning back from it. That’s because this important change is rooted in the rise of awareness.

We are becoming aware that random pizza nights and rushed, distracted Skype calls are not the only ways to go about our social needs.

What is more, we are also realizing that cultivating deep and meaningful relationships is way more important than just “having someone to talk to.” According to a Harvard study, lack of good quality relationships can increase mortality risk to the same degree as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

In other words – neglecting your social life might mean up to 50% higher chance of premature death.

Those who recognize that “going deeper” is of great value and importance, begin to invest in their relationships. They educate themselves, they experiment and they work on opening themselves up a little more every day. They have realized that connecting with other humans is not magic: it is a science.

It is a skill that anyone can learn. Just like riding a bike or learning Spanish.


Imagine that you can keep your location independent lifestyle, while also…

  •         … connecting with different kinds of people wherever you are.
  •         … making your long-distance relationships (e.g. with family and friends) fully valuable and potent.
  •         … building a strong network of like-minded individuals all around the globe.
  •         … feeling confident to take initiative and start conversations that are genuinely interesting for you.
  •         … being able to communicate your thoughts and feelings in an appealing way.
  •         … being alone only if and when you want to.
  •         … create and maintain professional relationships with grace and ease (say no to awkward “networking”!)


If the above statements sound like an unattainable promised land – chances are, it is because of your misguided beliefs. Nothing weird about that. The education and cultural dogma we are fed throughout our lives teach us the following:

You either are “good at socializing”/likeable/easy-going or… you are not.

You either are an extrovert or an introvert.

Your ability to communicate depends on your personality – and there’s not much you can do about it.

All of that sounds as if the quality of your relationships was a matter of pure chance. If you believe it – it turns out that the way you interact with people is far beyond your control!

As you probably can tell, this is very far from accurate. The truth is that building meaningful and strong connections with others is a skill that anyone can learn. And it is an irreplaceable skill if you want to thrive as a location independent individual.


deeptalkanywhere retreat


For one thing, it allows you to improve your long-distance relationships and nurture them no matter where you are.

On top of that, it empowers you to connect with virtually any stranger you meet while travelling, networking or even shopping. It provides you with so far undiscovered opportunities to explore the world and the people that live in it.

Wasn’t that the reason you wanted to become location independent in the first place?


How are we going to create these meaningful connections?

We tend to think that mastering human interactions takes years of practice, experimenting and failing. That this is something you only work out as you grow old and get to meet a sufficient amount of people on your path.

To be fair – this is how it happens for most people who are not intentional about their relationships.

But what if you chose to be intentional about this?

What if you decided to dedicate four days of your life to learning the skill of connecting with others on a profound level?

What if, during these four days, you had access to professional support and tools and was immersed in a group of like-minded people pursuing the same goal?

The #DeepTalkAnywhere Retreat provides exactly that.

We designed it to share tools that will empower you to create relationships that you always wanted. It doesn’t matter where you struggle most: keeping a connection with your folks back at home, meeting new people or diving into deep and meaningful conversations.

The techniques we work with are universal, in the sense that they give you the freedom to respond and take initiative – rather than merely react.

The programme of the four-day Retreat is packed with practical activities that show you experientially how to enhance any human interaction.

Those activities are a combination of scientifically validated tools, meditation practice and games we have tested in multiple settings and contexts.


deeptalkanywere retreat

Authentic Relating Games Session

Authentic Relating Games are extensively tested, masterfully led experiences that help us learn about the very essence of human interactions. In this session we will explore group dynamics that will provide you with fresh tools you can use in your everyday interactions, by focusing on different intentions and feelings such as bonding, fun, curiosity, testing boundaries, empathy, communication and reflection.


Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Workshop

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg, helps us reframe how we express ourselves and how we hear others. It is a valuable tool to resolve conflicts by focusing our consciousness on what we are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting.


Active Listening Workshop

Many of us know that listening is a key asset for successful relationships, however few of us know how to listen deeply, effectively and actively. In this workshop, you will get to practise your listening skills, and you will learn techniques and exercises that you can bring to your everyday life and use to transform your communication with others.


Communication Strategies for Long Distance Relationships—Think Tank

One of the biggest challenges that comes with living a location independent lifestyle is staying in touch with people who live far away from us. In this think tank we will identify problems, analyse tested solutions, and brainstorm innovative ways to maintain fulfilling relationships and connections while living in different countries.


Self-Disclosure as a Tool for Deepening Relationships—Workshop

Basing on the study ‘The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness’, we will explore the strength behind vulnerability and learn how to be more honest and open in our relationships and interactions with others.


Meditation and Self-Coaching

A crucial step towards improving our relationships with others is to first have a healthy relationship with ourselves. We will do this through mindfulness exercises, meditation, and exploring self-coaching tools that will help you achieve your personal goals and be the best version of yourself well after you have left the retreat.



Apart from structured workshops, we will also allow time for unwinding and integrating new insights. This is why we are bringing this Retreat to an exceptional location – Lauvitel Lodge in the heart of the French Alps. Being surrounded by mountain peaks and pristine Nature all day long will surely help us feel the connection we are so eager for.

You can learn more about the location and how to get there by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

About Honeyboom – meet Sílvia and Michał


Silvia and Michal are a location independent couple who travels the world as they build their business, Honeyboom.

They have years of experience chairing and facilitating groups in team building (mostly within the context of the European Youth Parliament), as well as research and personal experimentation with productivity and public speaking.

They have a relationship coaching and life coaching business, where they help couples and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and build more fulfilling human connections.

They have also created and facilitated interactive immersive experiences, which focused deeply on exploring and experimenting with the limits and the power of human interactions (Hidden Door Festival, Lethally Harmless Productions).

They have had their work published—within the field of relationships, human connection, and self-development—for platforms such as Better Humans, Medium.com, and P.S. I Love You. Click here to check out more of their published work.


Testimonials from previous events organised by Honeyboom:

“What is surprising is that this is effective. You really feel like you are quite in touch with somebody.” – Chris


“I was surprised to hear my feelings come out from me in words.” – Haru


“It’s been a week since the exercise and I can see a change in how I relate to people, because I saw what level of connection is possible if you want to give it a bit of attention and be intentional about it. Right now I see the possibility of connecting with anyone, anywhere if I only want to.” – Marta


Testimonial from a Lauvitel Lodge guest:

“In June 2016, I discovered Lauvitel Lodge during a Reiki retreat. This was an amazing experience: Tai chi, chi gong, meditation, hiking, initiation to Reiki, amazing food, super comfortable room, great views, peaceful garden and most of all: extraordinary people running the place. I have travelled all over the world but this is one of my top 5 best places on earth. I’ve come back a different person. Thanks Caroline for having given me more faith In myself. I’ll never ever forget that first stay (of many to come) at Lauvitel Lodge.” – Céline Maginel


#DeepTalkAnywhere Retreat Programme

Friday 14th

Welcome to DeepTalkAnywhere

Intentional Dinner*

Evening Mindfulness*


Saturday 15th

Active Listening Workshop

Authentic Relating Games Session

Intentional Dinner*

Evening Mindfulness/Self-coaching*


Sunday 16th

Morning Mindfulness

Nonviolent Communication Workshop

Think Tank: Communication Strategies for Long Distance Relationships

Intentional Dinner*

Evening Mindfulness/Self-coaching*


Monday 17th

Nature Walk**

Workshop: Self-Disclosure as a Tool for Deepening Relationships

Intentional Dinner*

Evening Mindfulness/Self-coaching*


Tuesday 18th

Tai Chi Class with Caroline Purkhardt

Goodbye Session


*Intentional Dinners and Evening Sessions will have a different theme every day, which will be shared at the retreat.

** As it is an outdoors activity, the Nature Walk will happen depending on the weather conditions.

Practical Info

Number of participants: up to 12 people

Dates: 14th – 18th September 2018

Your Investment: €899 €799 (early bird price until 6th August)


Price includes:

  • Lodging in Lauvitel Lodge (4 nights)
  • Full board (3 vegan meals a day plus tea, coffee and fresh drinks)
  • Guided activities included in the program
  • Access to the members-only Honeyboom online community


Price does not include:

  • Insurance
  • Travel costs
  • Any extra activities throughout your stay


Lodging in 2-person rooms with shared bathroom. Single rooms are also available for an additional fee. Please contact us for availability.

If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know about them upon booking the retreat.

Please tell us in advance if you have any health issues that might influence your participation in the retreat activities.


What to bring

  • Comfortable clothing for meditation, yoga and Tai-Chi
  • Warm clothes as well as summer clothes
  • Comfortable outdoor clothing suitable for hiking
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hiking boots
  • Journal
  • Water bottle
  • Sunglasses and sun cream
  • Rucksack
  • Yoga mat (if you prefer your own)


We will provide yoga mats, meditation pillows and blankets if needed. To check what else is available at the Lodge, please feel free to contact us directly.

About Lauvitel Lodge


Lauvitel Lodge is a mountain getaway in the heart of the French Alps – the Oisans valley, famous for its Nature’s naked beauty. The pristine and dramatic mountain landscape around the Lodge provides an ideal environment for self- exploration, unwinding and re-connecting with those parts of ourselves that we might have long forgotten.

For many years now, we have been running and hosting numerous well-being, self-development and corporate retreats and workshops. Our ultimate goal is to continuously create space that can be a “home away from home” for all our guests and retreat participants.





Lauvitel Lodge is located in a small hamlet of La Danchère, about a one-hour drive from Grenoble. Situated at the end of the road, it marks the gateway to the Ecrins National Park – and much, much more.

The beautiful natural surroundings of the Lodge comprise of magnificent mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, running rivers and pristine forests, with fresh clean air and a real sense of stillness, that is a rare gem. This exceptional landscape makes it a perfect place for reconnecting with yourself – or simply taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The closest airports to La Danchère are Grenoble, Lyon, Chambery, Geneva and Turin. If you need any assistance in planning your travel to the Lodge, you can get full details of our location here or contact us directly.



  • Stretch Deck for meditation, yoga and Tai-Chi,
  • Yoga mats and meditation pillows,
  • Comfortable and spacious common room with a fireplace and book collection,
  • Plunge pool with ice-cold water from the mountains,
  • Independent kitchen,
  • Restaurant offering drinks and snacks all day,
  • Garage to securely keep your sports equipment,
  • Three front of the house gardens (including a garden restaurant),
  • Back garden ideal for meditation, yoga and self-time,
  • Free Wi-Fi,
  • Free parking.

How Reiki Treatment Works, According To Science


Reiki treatment (along with other alternative or complementary medicine techniques) is known for its divergent reception by the public. When expressing opinions about Reiki, energy work or holistic healing, people seem to divide into two camps.

Reiki - Science FactsThe “Believers” in Reiki are likely those who have experienced its benefits and who may try to convince others that “this energy treatment really works”. The “Sceptics”, in turn, are often people who have never tried Reiki because they strongly suspect it to be a “money-making scam”.

It is hard for the two groups to communicate their point of view to one another, since their perspectives on the matter differ so much.

In cases of such disagreement the neutral ground is usually science and its findings. What has been established through objective research and accredited by academic authorities is more readily accepted by both “Believers” or “Sceptics”.

Let’s see what science has to say about the mechanics and validity of Reiki healing.  Whilst most of the research has been conducted in the medical field, it is also relevant to the broader spectrum of Well Being.

Where does Reiki come from and what does it do?

“Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.” The International Centre for Reiki Training

Contrary to what many people think, Reiki is not an ancient healing technique – although it complies with many old Eastern traditions and philosophies in which the concept of “life force energy” is very present. But the Reiki treatment as we know it only came into use in the beginning on 20th century, in Japan.

Although there were a handful of practitioners developing it simultaneously at that time, the most famous one of them (who is now commonly considered to be the Reiki founder) was Mikao Usui. In 1922 he established Usui Reiki Ryoho – a technique that became the “mainstream” style of Reiki treatment in the following century.

Reiki is a holistic practice, reported to have various positive effects on human body, mind and spirit. The most frequently mentioned benefits include: relaxation, pain relief, stress management, reduced anxiety and depression, accelerated recovery and improved overall wellbeing.

All of these sound excellent – but does Reiki pass muster in a strictly medical setup?

Center For Reiki Research: Reiki in a hospital setup

Reiki HandsMany modern hospitals offer Reiki as a part of their medical treatment. In the United States, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch are the third most popular method of complementary treatment, right behind massage and art therapy.  Some of the hospitals and clinics that offer Reiki treatment are listed here.

When it comes to research about Reiki and its medical effects, The Center for Reiki Research is the place to turn to. It is by far one of the biggest and most in-depth initiatives dedicated to recounting  effects of alternative and complementary medicine. The Center’s expert group examines and rates academic papers on Reiki and then uses the highest-rated papers as raw material for their own conclusions.

Based on the most reliable papers, the Center has defined areas and patient conditions in which Reiki healing proved to be most effective. These include: depression, stress, overall level of wellbeing and pain in chronically ill patients.

Some of the highest-rated papers combined into the Center’s research were the following:

What are the mechanics behind Reiki treatment?

Objective statistical research shows that Reiki has really good results both in clinical and alternative medicine context. The question remains: how does it work? What are the mechanics behind energy healing?

Reiki - StonesAn independent research by Dr Becker and Dr Zimmerman conducted in the 1980s is a starting point here. The two academics examined what exactly happened with Reiki healers while they were giving the treatment. Study found that while focusing their mind on good intentions and aiming to heal their patients, the practitioners’ brain waves were oscillating mostly around 7-8Hz – a very low frequency often referred to as alpha state. This is the same wavelength as the Schuman Resonance (estimated to 7.83Hz), which is the basic frequency of the Earth’ electromagnetic spectrum.

Extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (between 0.3 and 30Hz) have been documented to stimulate human tissue repair. This discovery was a foundation for the Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Therapy, which uses devices to produce electromagnetic field of frequency 7Hz to stimulate bone growth and healing. Slightly different (but also very low) frequencies are documented to facilitate other healing processes within human body: 2Hz stimulates nerve regeneration, 10Hz is used for ligament repair and 15Hz for capillary formation.

The healing effect of the Reiki treatment is simply the ability of Reiki practitioner to produce low frequency electromagnetic field that has a beneficial effect on the patient. Hence, the mechanics behind the energy healing can be summed up in the words of Dr James Oschmann:

Healing energy, whether produced by a medical device or projected from the human body, is energy of a particular frequency or set of frequencies that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues. The cascade of activities initiated by such signals may provide essential information to cells and tissues, and open channels for the flow of information that coordinates repair processes”.

Reiki Wellbeing Retreat at Lauvitel Lodge

The scientific evidence behind Reiki treatment is certainly interesting – however, it doesn’t give you the first-hand experience of it. If you are curious what Reiki could do for you, a great opportunity to try it is here at Lauvitel Lodge.

Between 10th-15th June we will be hosting our annual Reiki Well-being Retreat, which is a chance to experience the treatment and learn how to use Reiki yourself. The training is conducted by Dr Caroline Purkhardt – an experienced Reiki Master, accredited life coach and Tai Chi teacher.

Uncovering The Heart’s Intention Retreat: A Journey to Self-Leadership


Uncovering The Heart’s Intention:
A Journey to Self-Leadership

Discover how to manifest your heart’s true intentions and gain a clearer vision of your goals, values, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and motivations. In this three-part journey, including two 3-hour workshops and a 3-day retreat, you’ll build a strong foundation from which to make daily decisions — both professionally and personally.

Throughout the journey you will:

  • Cultivate skills for greater clarity
  • Identify what’s blocking you success and fulfillment
  • Practice embodying your new changes
  • Learn how to use your body as a tool to navigate life with ease and certainty

Benefits you can expect:

  • Expand your perspective; create more choice and ease in your life
  • Exchange non-serving beliefs, thoughts, and habits for those that truly serve you
  • Move from reacting to life – A life by default – to having life respond to you – A life by design

This programme is for men and women in transition.

Whether you are seeking to reconnect with your inner self, picking yourself up after a major life event or at a crossroad and wondering which direction to take, it is a time to identify your strengths and desires so that you can successfully make changes and realize your professional and/or personal goals.

Your Facilitators

Naida Culshaw

Leadership Facilitator“I am curious by nature. I particularly enjoy exploring the perspectives of the past and present to uncover possible future scenarios. As a developmental coach, workshop facilitator and NLP practitioner, I encourage individuals, teams and organizations to imagine new approaches and embrace the unforeseen. My passion is to encourage reflection, growth, and stretch-thinking in order to build a greater capacity for transformation and create an environment where intrinsic aspirations can be nourished. Learn more about me: www.business-sense-training.com

Caroline Purkhardt

Caroline Purkhardt“I am a lover of nature. As a transition coach and leadership mentor I bring people to stillness so that they can delight in action, true to self, and take their part in divine creation. Being a T’ai Chi Teacher and Meditation Practitioner I invite people to listen to their body wisdom and inner knowing, focusing on the presence they bring and the impact they have on others. My passion is exploring the full range of our feminine and masculine energies and accompanying people as they step into the unknown with ease and grace. Learn more about me at www.lelauvitel.com/about.”

Programme Overview and Dates

Please note, there is a description of each stage of the programme following this link.


person in awe of a head full of pictures

Saturday September 19 (Grenoble) or September 26 (Paris)

3-hr workshop – Live a Life by Design, Not by Default

3-day retreat

Lauvitel Lodge in SummerThursday 8 October – Sunday 11 October

3-day retreat – Creating a Life of Purpose

Lauvitel Lodge will be your spacious home and safe haven during the retreat or if you choose during most of the programme. Set in the magnificent mountains of the Southern French Alps, it is the perfect place for exploring the natural elements in relationship to ourselves. Your presence also brings the wisdom of conscious awareness, from which new beginnings are born and old patterns are transformed.



Saturday 7 November (Grenoble) or Saturday 14 November (Paris)

2hr Post-retreat session: Companions on the Journey


What You Will Get

  • 3-hour Pre-Retreat workshop: Live a Life by Design, Not by Default
  • 3-day retreat in the beautiful nature setting of the Alpes
  • Two individual sessions with one of our experienced facilitators
  • 2-hour Post Retreat Session: Companions on the Journey

Creating a Life of Purpose – Retreat Only Option:

If you have limited time and/or would like to focus your energy and funds on just the 3-day weekend retreat, that’s an option! Join us for an intensive weekend where you’ll be guided by experienced facilitators who will help you re-connect with your own inner strength and wisdom, as well as create a safe space for you to explore, envision, share and get clarity.

If you’d like to add a 60 minute personalized pre-retreat and/or post-retreat virtual call to your package, please let us know.

Book Now

Please note the programme is limited to 12 participants, therefore we recommend you sign up right away.

Your Next Step:

Book your accommodation at Lauvitel Lodge:

For your retreat stay we are offering a special accomodation rate, which includes accommodation for three nights, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee/snacks plus transfers from Grenoble Gare to Lauvitel Lodge on 8th October and the return transfer on 11th October.

Bedrooms (pricing per person)

Early Bird (before June 30th)

Standard Price

Single Bedroom with private shower or bathroom

350 €

400 €

Single Bedroom with shared bathroom

300 €

350 €

Shared Bedroom (2 single beds) with shared bathroom

250 €

300 €

To book your place at Lauvitel Lodge go to www.lelauvitel.com/contact.

Payment Plans are available. Please contact us to co-design installments that suit you.

Book your place early before June 30th and your total savings will be 300 €!

Lauvitel Lodge Autumn Retreat


Upcoming Autumn Retreats:

Rest                              Play                                  Release

Close your eyes and picture a mountain-side Alpine hamlet bathed in autumnal light and color.  Now place yourself in that picture.  Hear the river’s waters sing in the distance.  Sense the clean crisp air on your skin.  Smell the delicious food someone else is cooking for you.   Hear the laughter of new friends playing together and sharing life’s adventures. Experience replenishment and release as you explore the outside world of the mountains and expand the inner worlds of your body, mind and soul.

Sound like a fairy tale?   It is actually very real and you can be there to capture every sound and taste and feeling.

Two Programmes.. One Location.  One Expansive You.

Come and stay and play for both retreats and enjoy these extras: Free accommodations September 28-30, 2014 and a reduction in the cost of the two retreats. (Note: You do not have to attend both retreats.)

Lauvitel Lodge Autumn 2014 Retreat Series:

autumn retreatsSeptember 24-28, 2014

Presencing Mind, Body, and Nature

Presencing Mind, Body and Nature is a five day personal adventure retreat in which you will find stillness in activity and action in stillness.  By integrating mindfulness, embodiment and the five natural elements you will discover the fullness of your presence as a human being. Read More.

autumn retreats

October 1-5, 2014

The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Transforming Your life From the Outside In

(There will be new dates announced for this workshop in 2015, Register your interest below.)

The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop Fall Retreat is an incredible opportunity to build community and to reconnect with yourself, your Source, and your life.  Here’s what you can expect.

Location: Lauvitel Lodge, La Danchère, Venosc, France

Included in Your Programme Package(s)

  • 4 nights accommodation (double occupancy)
  • 12 meals, including snacks and coffee/tea bar
  • Programme facilitation and materials
  • Coaching packages (see individual programmes)

Available Extras:

  • Come early, Stay after
  • 65 € for bed, breakfast and dinner
  • Reiki
  • Coaching
  • T’ai Chi
  • Single occupancy bedroom (20 € per night supplement)

Programme Pricing

RetreatSpecial Early Bird (first 4)  Early Bird (before Sep 1)Buddy (bring a friend)Full Price* (Pay this if you can)
Presencing Mind Body and Nature

(Sept 24 – 28, 2014)

Five Tibetan Yoga Workshop

(Oct 1-5, 2014)


(transferable) deposit

(incl. above)

€200 remainder due upon arrival€200 remainder due upon arrival€200 remainder due upon arrival€200 remainder due upon arrival
Combined Retreats

(Meals and accommodations for Sept 28-30 at no charge)

Non-refundable (transferable) deposit for combined retreats€400 remainder due upon arrival€400 remainder due upon arrival€400 remainder due upon arrival€400 remainder due upon arrival

* This is the actual cost of the programmes based on the regular prices charged at the Lodge and by the facilitators. We are making the Autumn Retreat Series as accessible as possible. If you are able to pay the full price, we will appreciate your generosity. This will help us continue to offer affordable retreats for more people.

Register Now:

[tfuse_contactform tf_cf_formid=”1″]

Should you have any question right now, email us!

We cannot wait to meet with you and work with you in this glorious setting in this

magical time of year.

Forms of Payment Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, euro cheques, bank transfers

UK and Europe: All payments will be made in Euros.

USA: Payments in US dollars are possible.