Stillness In Action Holidays

Stillness in Action Nature Holiday at Lauvitel Lodge What We Are Renowned For

To feel revitalized, there is nothing better or more natural than being in nature

Stillness in ActionOur Stillness in Action Holidays offer you a time and space to reconnect with your soul. 

For six days you will bask in the exceptionally beautiful surroundings of Lauvitel Lodge, in the heart of the Ecrins National Park.  You will be overthrown by the tranquillity, the fresh air, the pure waters, the silence with just the birds singing, the deep green forests, the gently running waters, the colourful flowers in the gardens and meadows…

Hosted and facilitated by Caroline Purkhardt (Ph.D.), owner of Lauvitel Lodge, your nature holiday experience will help you rediscover a new and profound relationship with the natural elements, and a greater awareness of your own inner wisdom.  You will uncover the rightness of your actions, trust your intuition, and establish a greater freedom of choice for yourself.

Caroline is a social psychologist, and author of the book Stillness in Action. She is deeply passionate about helping people connect to their innate power and wisdom, and learn how to access ease and flow on a daily basis so that they are able to bring more energy and aliveness into their life and work. Throughout your holiday she is there to listen , guide and share her love of nature and her wisdom in aligning body and spirit.


The Focus of Each Morning Establish a Sense of Presence and Peace

Stillness reveals our natural quality of conscious presence and helps us re-establish an inner peace. Through sitting meditation, mostly out in the open air, and gentle movement, with T’ai chi and Chi Kung, we reconnect with the natural elements.

The exceptional surroundings to Lauvitel Lodge offer us an enchanting environment explore the 5 natural elements:  moving through rock strewn bolder fields, resting in the tranquillity of the mountain meadows, following mountain streams and bathing in rivers, walking in the ancient forests, awed by the majesty of mountain ridges and summits.

You will experience how each element is related to a state of being:

  • Earth – grounding down through the spine giving stability and security
  • Air – breathing from the heart, balancing giving with receiving
  • Water – releasing from the belly, so that we are free to grow and transform
  • Wood – finding our voice, bringing your own uniqueness and creativity into being
  • Fire – knowing and taking meaningful actions

The Freedom of the Afternoons Deepen and Integrate

In your own time, the afternoons are dedicated to deepening and integrating the mornings’ experiences.  Outlined in
the tabs below are a few of the almost unlimited options… to give you a feel for what is possible:

Let yourself be charmed by the mountain villages, each with its own special character: Venosc, Saint Christophe, la Bérarde, Besse, La Grave, Briançon and more.

photo venosc-village-03-1200x800

Enjoy the freedom and beauty of spectacular walks up to Lauvitel Lake or one of the many mountain huts; along the rivers that descend the numerous tributary valleys; or climb the summits on the Ecrins National Park.

For those with a taste for adventure there are 4 via ferrata to choose from, white water rafting, duo hang gliding and rock climbing.


Wander through the Alpine Gardens of the Col de Lauteret or in the gardens of Vizille Castle.

Pass the afternoon the shade or around the fireplace, sculpting green wood with specialist knives (Bois et Sens, Venosc).

Alpine Museum 784591-diaporama

Let yourself be surprised by the region’s varied museums, each one presenting their own theme: mountain crystals, flora and fauna of the area, alpine climbing, The French Revolution, and hydroelectricity.

Let yourself be cared for with an individual well-being session on site: massage, reiki, fascia well-being or yoga.

Physiotherapy and Massage
Lauvitel Lodge Gardens

Take the time to do nothing! Relax in the gardens, snooze, read, share a fresh drink and delicious afternoon cake, play table tennis, or simply soak up the sun and the gentle summer evenings.

How will you benefit?

By the end of your stay, you will feel a sense of pride in yourself, an inner calm and outer freedom; your spirit lighter, your body more relaxed, your mind at peace, and a renewed energy and desire for whatever is next.

You will leave with exceptional experiences, new friends, and a deeper connection with nature.  You will also have established a simple meditation and t’ai chi practice that will guide you and sustain your inner harmony, long after your trip to the Alps is over.


Céline Maginel

An Amazing Experience!

It was an amazing experience: Tai chi, chi gong, meditation, hiking, excellent meals, very comfortable room, wonderful views, relaxing gardens and above all, amazing staff. I have traveled all over the world, but this place is one of my top five favorites on earth. I will never forget my first stay at Lauvitel Lodge. I’ve come back a different person. Thanks Caroline for having given me more faith in myself.

A Big Adventure

You can add to your stay an extraordinary and unforgettable experience: extend your stay by one day and experience a night out under the stars.  There is really nothing quite like a bivouac in the mountains.  All the equipment and is provided along with food for the evening meal and breakfast.  Close to nature, you will feel the intensity of the sun setting, the silence of the mountains, the bright stars, the early dawn, fresh spring water and good things to eat.  This experience gives another perspective on life and offers a lasting inner peace.

The 7th day of your stay is free

After the mountain bivouac, you can benefit from an offer that is hard to refuse:  stay a 7th day completely free.  To complete your week, give yourself a whole day of rest and soak in the pleasure of doing nothing.

Availability and Dates

Stillness in Action holidays are offered from mid-May until the end of August.

Duration: 6 days/5 nights – with possibility for shorter or longer stays on request.

Rates – with food and lodging included:

  • Individuals – from 797 € per person, with a single room
  • Couples – from 1,297 € for 2 people, with double or twin room
  • Families/Groups (4 people) – from 1,797 € with shared room