Stillness in Action – signed copy (French)

Stillness in Action – signed copy (French)



Stillness in Action gives you an open door to more happiness at work and leading successful lives. You will know how and when to stop and take 2 minute pauses that transform your effectiveness in your work and enjoyment in your life. You

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How can we simply and quickly stop the spiral of acceleration and confusion in our lives? Based on her experience, knowledge and reflection, Dr. Caroline Purkhardt proposes 7 two-minute challenges to punctuate and structure our days.

Easy to read and fluid, this book is even more relevant six years after the publication of its original version. As human consciousness grows, the proposals are even easier to integrate into our daily lives. Initially intended for the world of work, it is now relevant to all areas where the boundaries between private and professional life are becoming more and more blurred. The proposed practices from Tai Chi help us to clarify the different spaces of our life.

This book is the backbone of Lauvitel Lodge and The Stillpoint: a place of welcome, vacations, courses, retreats and seminars. In this jewel on the edge of the Écrins National Park in the French Alps, you will meet the author of the book and fully experience her proposed approach in the heart of nature.