April 2013 – Website Launch


Moleskin Musings – April 2013

Some projects are longer in the making than others. This wonderful website for Lauvitel Lodge has certainly been a while in the making – you just have to ask my extremely patient website designer, Kyle Newman. There are always other things that get in the way, some important, some urgent and some that just seem easier and quicker to complete. This felt like an enormous project to me (I am giving away my age more than my willingness to embark on new projects) and that in itself would have slowed me down.

Yet I am a positivist in a way that would turn the philosophy of science on its head. Let us take a look at the positive side of this. It is like a fruit that is given time to mature at its own pace to its full sweetness and flavour, or a flower’s bloom that opens slowly, revealing its beauty in small delicate steps.

I am reminded of my very much younger years rising as a favourite from the junior national team into the seniors and then failing to make the squad. I hung in there, despite numerous disappointments and missed chances, until I did, at last, enjoy being a member of the full side. Once I had got there I stayed. Others with incredible flair and talent came and went, losing interest, losing passion, losing confidence. I stayed, as a player, as coach, and then as team psychologist.

So for me, it is a good thing that the website has taken a while. I have fallen in love with Lauvitel Lodge all over again; I have grown in my vision for what is possible; and I am developing an eye for persistence and joy. Some of my peak experiences were playing international lacrosse. I am intending that some of your peak experiences will be here at Lauvitel Lodge!

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  1. Natasha Evans 28 April 2013 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    Love the new website 🙂 reflects the new lodge so much better!

  2. Laura 3 May 2013 at 1:09 pm - Reply

    Beautifully put, Caroline. Your website is truly a beautiful sweet fruit and delicious to enjoy!

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