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Exploring your Intuition



and following higher guidance weekend workshop

Friday 16/10/2015 – Sunday 18/10/2015

  • Are you waiting for something?
  • Is there something you know but you don’t know what it is?
  • Do you have a feeling of gentle disquiet inside yourself?

Are you ready to listen to your intuition?

This retreat will be a time for yourself, to begin to understand how your intuition shows up in your life. We will introduce you to tools and techniques that support taking on the challenge of listening to and speaking from your intuition.

With time to explore, we will come together to share, create, dance, be in nature along with an individual session with either Ali, who works with flower essences, or Caroline, who works with T’ai Chi Kung and meditation. It will truly be a nurturing experience for you and your life. Laughter and fun is also guaranteed in this small gathering of like-minded people.

The retreat will be held in the beautiful surroundings of Lauvitel Lodge in the Ecrins National Park. The weekend includes comfortable accommodation and delicious vegetarian meals will be served throughout.

Price 350 euros.

This price includes all training fees, 2 nights accommodation in individual or double rooms with shared or en-suite facilities, all meals and tea breaks.

Feel free to contact either Caroline + 33 (0)615860575 or Ali +33 (0)670093539 for an informal chat to find out more details and whether this is the gift to give yourself.

To book e-mail us now with the subject “Exploring Your Intuition”.

Your Holiday Retreat


Your Holiday Retreat

This holiday at Lauvitel Lodge is a holiday with a difference. In addition to a full range of mountain activities that are on your doorstep at Lauvitel Lodge you will deepen your sense of well-being through the morning and evening practices that will be offered during your Holiday Retreat.

Mountain activities that can be designed to be as relaxing or challenging as you wish include:

  • Walking in the National Park of Les Ecrins
  • Cycling (climbing the 21 bends of Alpes d’Huez, riding over the col Croix de la Fer, cycling up to La Berarde, following the valley of La Romanche)
  • Adventure Park, climbing and via ferrata
  • White water rafting, kayaking and hydrospeed
  • Parapont or hang gliding
  • Swimming in mountain lakes
  • Relaxing in the gardens of Lauvitel Lodge

The morning and evening practices are led by Caroline Purkhardt (PhD, CPCC, T’ai Chi teacher, Reiki master) on the deck in the private gardens of Lauvitel Lodge. It will also be possible to book individual sessions during the day for either coaching or reiki.

  • T’ai Chi Kung
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Labyrinth walk
  • Coaching (90 euros)
  • Reiki (75 euros)
  • Massage (90 euros)

The rest and revitalization that occurs by combining physical activity with spiritual practice in the presence of these extraordinary mountains will bring a sense of well-being and a reconnection with nature that will stay with you when you return home.

Dates: 2nd to 9th August 2015 (also by arrangement)

Price: 560 euros

Register your interest now.

Bespoke Leader Development


Bespoke Leader Development

Shift your leadership into gear one hairpin at a time

Challenge yourself and your perceptions of leadership

Join us in a personal development programme with a big difference. 1,850m to be exact! You get to ride one of the giants of the cycling world as you get to discover more about what it is to be a leader, and how you can increase your leadership impact.

This programme offers a mountain of differences – learn to expand your range as a leader whilst cycling up Alpe d’Huez, the most famous road climb in the world. Experience fresh new perspectives on how to lead in the stunning surroundings of the Alps whilst taking one of the most challenging and rewarding road ascents. At 13.2km with 21 hairpins and gradients between 8 and 10% this is a place to really find out what you have got to give!

  • Explore more about yourself

  • Discover your qualities

  • Continuous Coaching

  • Limited spaces

Spaces are extremely limited to allow full access to your Bespoke Leader Development team.

Your accommodation will be the delightful Lauvitel Lodge in La Danchere, close to the start of the notorious Alpe d’Huez climb.

Learn more and register!

Bespoke Leader Development Cyling the Giant

Your Personal VIP Retreat – Time for Yourself


Your Personal VIP Retreat

  • You are a business owner
  • You are a leader
  • You are the mother of adolescent ‘nearly’ adults
  • You are in the midst of an unexpected transition

And ……….. You are looking for some space and time for yourself.

This Personal Retreat offers you the time to rest, a place to play and activities to inspire you.

Meditation, T’ai Chi Kung and yoga each morning and evening

Forest walks, mountain climbs and swimming in mountain lakes, reconnecting with the source energies of nature

Individual sessions including Coaching, Reiki and Massage (there is one session per day included in the retreat package)

Group sessions to release your inner wisdom and inspiration

This Personal Retreat is designed for you to choose your own rhythm of engagement and explore the activities that serve you best in re-establishing your inner peace, vitality and well-being.

Dates: by arrangement

Price Guide : 5 days 750 to 1,000 €

Leader: Caroline Purkhardt (PhD, CPCC)

Register your interest now.

The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop


The 5 Tibetans Yoga Workshop Autumn Retreat

is right around the corner!

5 t on deck in France

Week-end Retreat – 2nd to 4th October, 201

Full Retreat – 2nd to 6th October, 2015

Lauvitel Lodge

La Danchere, France

You made it through the busy summer months. 

Now it’s time to take a breather, get your bearings, and gear up for the end of the year.

In this 5 day/4 night retreat adventure you will:

  • Explore the 5 Tibetans practice and its relevance to your life
  • Dive deeply into the inspirational messages of earth’s natural “elements”
  • Contemplate the mantras that will change the way you look at your life and relationships

Along the way you will enjoy playful activities, invigorating discussions, and rejuvenating rest.

By the time you wave good-bye to your new friends you will have identified your deepest desires, faced down your “yes but” dilemmas, and created greater clarity about your way forward.

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Meet Your Hosts!

Susan Westbrook and Caroline Purkhardtphoto(12)

Your guides and fellow travelers for the event will be Susan Westbrook and Caroline Purkhardt.  Susan and Caroline are veterans of life’s transformational journey. They have led classrooms, treks, and workshops in their decades as teachers, coaches, and masters of Reiki and Tai Chi (Caroline). They are ready to welcome you into this much-needed time of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation.

 Susan’s book, The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Tone Your Body and Transform Your Life, is the starting point for our work at the retreat.

5 t book cover

Reserve your spot today!


What Can You Expect?

You will be meeting and staying in the picturesque setting of a mountain lodge in France.


You will start each day on the deck to engage in a practice of the 5 Tibetans. (No…you do not have to be a 5 Tibetans expert to participate.)

5 t on deck in France

You will eat delicious, healthy meals and snacks.


You will have a block of time each afternoon to walk, read, cycle, write, play, sleep,

or whatever you need to do to reflect and recharge.

c on the trail

You will engage in fun, interactive group sessions and Tai Chi lessons

that will inspire you and lock in the learning of your daily practice.


You will learn new sitting and moving meditation techniques

that will support your daily practice and enhance your well-being.


You will have access to individualized coaching sessions before and during the retreat

as well as monthly group calls after the retreat to support your practice of the 5 Tibetans.

3d man - call center

Register today!

AND…did we say…you will do all this in the stunning beauty and refreshing tranquility of the French Alps

lac lauvitel

…and have fun


…and get some rest

sleep like a baby

How do you sign up?

Click here and fill in the contact form

and we will contact you right away.

All the Details

When?   3:00 pm Friday, October 2nd until Sunday 6.00pm, October 4th – Week-end Retreat

                   3:00 pm Friday, October 2nd until Tuesday after dinner, October 6th – Full Retreat

Where?           Lauvitel Lodge, La Danchere, Venosc, France


Lauvitel Lodge

How Many?    In order to provide the services and experiences we want you to have, the retreat is limited to 12 residential participants. You will be part of a small, intimate group.

How long?    2 nights, 3 days  (Friday afternoon through to Sunday evening) or 4/5  nights and 5 days (Friday afternoon through to Tuesday evening).


Price includes food, lodging, retreat facilitation, and coaching.

Full Retreat €597 

Week-end Retreat  €300

Sign us up now!

What do you get?  Double room accommodations, all meals and snacks, retreat materials and facilitation, coaching sessions before and during the retreat, and group calls after the retreat.

Need financing? You can pay for the retreat costs in installments with all costs payable before arrival. We also set aside scholarships.  If you need assistance, please contact us and we will help you create a way to attend the retreat.

Want more privacy? Single rooms are available. Check with Caroline for pricing and availability.


plane train and busHow do you get there? If you do not live in the area, you will fly into Lyon, Geneva, or Grenoble. You can also fly into Paris and take the train down to Grenoble.

The easiest way to reach the Lodge once you are in the vicinity is to rent a car. We will help organize those of you who want to share rental costs.

If you are coming from the UK or US, flying into Lyon may be the best option as British Airlines and Easy Jet make regular flights from the London into Lyon.

If you travel into Grenoble, you can take the bus from the train station to Bourg d’Oisans (about 15 minutes from the Lodge) and we will be happy to pick you up there at no cost.

If there is sufficient interest, we will arrange for a pick-up at the Lyon airport on Wednesday, September 30 at noon and a drop-off at Lyon airport on Sunday, October 4 by 4 pm. The cost of that service will be €100 per person.

Creative Pre-Arrival and Late Departure Options

Sometimes it is nice to extend your stay a bit so you can take time getting into the retreat and/or have time to reflect after the retreat. Caroline has offered us a special rate at the Lauvitel Lodge Indians-Head-at-sunset-150x150

Here’s a brief overview. Check with Caroline for more details.

“Stay and Pay” option: €65 /night (includes breakfast and dinner; lunch on your own) for Monday and Tuesday nights

“Stay and HAUL” option: Want to get your hands dirty and help out at the Lodge? The HAUL-Help At Unique Lodge- option allows you to trade 4 hours of work each day for FREE food and lodging. You will get breakfast, lunch, and dinner and double accommodation.

We hope you will join us for this incredible opportunity for TIME OUT!, RETREAT!, and inner work.

Click here to access the contact form to let us know if you would like more information. We will check back in with you to help answer any questions you have.

See you at the retreat!

Uncovering The Heart’s Intention Retreat: A Journey to Self-Leadership


Uncovering The Heart’s Intention:
A Journey to Self-Leadership

Discover how to manifest your heart’s true intentions and gain a clearer vision of your goals, values, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and motivations. In this three-part journey, including two 3-hour workshops and a 3-day retreat, you’ll build a strong foundation from which to make daily decisions — both professionally and personally.

Throughout the journey you will:

  • Cultivate skills for greater clarity
  • Identify what’s blocking you success and fulfillment
  • Practice embodying your new changes
  • Learn how to use your body as a tool to navigate life with ease and certainty

Benefits you can expect:

  • Expand your perspective; create more choice and ease in your life
  • Exchange non-serving beliefs, thoughts, and habits for those that truly serve you
  • Move from reacting to life – A life by default – to having life respond to you – A life by design

This programme is for men and women in transition.

Whether you are seeking to reconnect with your inner self, picking yourself up after a major life event or at a crossroad and wondering which direction to take, it is a time to identify your strengths and desires so that you can successfully make changes and realize your professional and/or personal goals.

Your Facilitators

Naida Culshaw

Leadership Facilitator“I am curious by nature. I particularly enjoy exploring the perspectives of the past and present to uncover possible future scenarios. As a developmental coach, workshop facilitator and NLP practitioner, I encourage individuals, teams and organizations to imagine new approaches and embrace the unforeseen. My passion is to encourage reflection, growth, and stretch-thinking in order to build a greater capacity for transformation and create an environment where intrinsic aspirations can be nourished. Learn more about me:

Caroline Purkhardt

Caroline Purkhardt“I am a lover of nature. As a transition coach and leadership mentor I bring people to stillness so that they can delight in action, true to self, and take their part in divine creation. Being a T’ai Chi Teacher and Meditation Practitioner I invite people to listen to their body wisdom and inner knowing, focusing on the presence they bring and the impact they have on others. My passion is exploring the full range of our feminine and masculine energies and accompanying people as they step into the unknown with ease and grace. Learn more about me at”

Programme Overview and Dates

Please note, there is a description of each stage of the programme following this link.


person in awe of a head full of pictures

Saturday September 19 (Grenoble) or September 26 (Paris)

3-hr workshop – Live a Life by Design, Not by Default

3-day retreat

Lauvitel Lodge in SummerThursday 8 October – Sunday 11 October

3-day retreat – Creating a Life of Purpose

Lauvitel Lodge will be your spacious home and safe haven during the retreat or if you choose during most of the programme. Set in the magnificent mountains of the Southern French Alps, it is the perfect place for exploring the natural elements in relationship to ourselves. Your presence also brings the wisdom of conscious awareness, from which new beginnings are born and old patterns are transformed.



Saturday 7 November (Grenoble) or Saturday 14 November (Paris)

2hr Post-retreat session: Companions on the Journey


What You Will Get

  • 3-hour Pre-Retreat workshop: Live a Life by Design, Not by Default
  • 3-day retreat in the beautiful nature setting of the Alpes
  • Two individual sessions with one of our experienced facilitators
  • 2-hour Post Retreat Session: Companions on the Journey

Creating a Life of Purpose – Retreat Only Option:

If you have limited time and/or would like to focus your energy and funds on just the 3-day weekend retreat, that’s an option! Join us for an intensive weekend where you’ll be guided by experienced facilitators who will help you re-connect with your own inner strength and wisdom, as well as create a safe space for you to explore, envision, share and get clarity.

If you’d like to add a 60 minute personalized pre-retreat and/or post-retreat virtual call to your package, please let us know.

Book Now

Please note the programme is limited to 12 participants, therefore we recommend you sign up right away.

Your Next Step:

Book your accommodation at Lauvitel Lodge:

For your retreat stay we are offering a special accomodation rate, which includes accommodation for three nights, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee/snacks plus transfers from Grenoble Gare to Lauvitel Lodge on 8th October and the return transfer on 11th October.

Bedrooms (pricing per person)

Early Bird (before June 30th)

Standard Price

Single Bedroom with private shower or bathroom

350 €

400 €

Single Bedroom with shared bathroom

300 €

350 €

Shared Bedroom (2 single beds) with shared bathroom

250 €

300 €

To book your place at Lauvitel Lodge go to

Payment Plans are available. Please contact us to co-design installments that suit you.

Book your place early before June 30th and your total savings will be 300 €!