Winter Activities


The Oisans Valley offers a host of other winter activities in addition to skiing and boarding, to suit any level of adventure, or curiosity.

The full list of activities on offer in the Oisans Valley is extensive, as the resorts and villages are full of ideas!

Here are a few of the most popular ones!

For the intrepid explorers who love being out in the mountain wilderness,  snow shoeing is a must.  Once you have caught the bug, it is hard to leave it alone and the Oisans valleys offer a multitude of options from easy to extreme.

There is already nothing more magical than to take your snowshoes right from the door step and walk up to Lauvitel Lake.  And for those that are hard core there are the sensational tours of the Ecrins National Park from La Berarde and many more.

Caroline particularly enjoys this way of being out and about in the winter. So there is no need to do anything more than ask.


Snow Shoeing
Winter Activities - Paragliding

If you’ve never tried paragliding before then Les Deux Alpes is a great place to learn how to fly.

Known as “parapenting” in France & Switzerland, from the heights of the mountain tops you can glide down to the bottom of the valley on a tandem paraglider controlled by the instructor. He manoeuvres the parachute while the passenger enjoys the ride and fantastic views. Top tip: go on a sunny, warm day when the thermals will keep your airborne for longer.


Les Deux Alpes ice caves are a magical grotto of glistening sculptures and fairytale figures.

Dug out many years ago by two local guides they have become an annual feature; each winter expert ice sculptors arrive to create a new exhibition based on a different theme every year. At 30 metres below the glaciers surface and 3,200m altitude the caves are accessible via a ski lift and a funicular.



Be in charge of your own sled and team of excitable husky dogs, driving them along forest paths in winter. After a brief explanation of how to make your team stop and start, you set off following the guide’s team.

If this all sounds a bit much you can opt for a less physical outing where you sit in the sled and the guide does all the hard work! It’s a very popular winter activity, so booking at least 48 hours in advance is a must.