Well-Being Relax and Revitalise!

You will find that Lauvitel Lodge is THE place for Being Well.

Simply being here is already enough to transport you to another state of being.  In this small corner of paradise you can hear the birds sing and rest in the sounds of flowing streams; you can breathe the fresh, clean air and taste the purity of the water; and you can walk barefoot on the earth and see the stars of the night sky.

On arriving, you will be immediately struck by the tranquil beauty of the gardens and the light openness of the house.  Combined with an attentive, high quality service and delicious healthy food, sometimes just being here is enough.

This is not your classic spa holiday, but for anyone who likes being in nature, receiving high quality physical treatments and perhaps trying out a spiritual practice such as yoga or t’ai chi, Lauvitel Lodge is the perfect place.  Enjoy the luxury of taking time for yourself and the comfort of being cared for by others.  You will come away feeling rested and revitalised, with an inner calm that gives you outer strength to fully live your life.

Plunge Pool and Stretch Deck

For those who like to do their own thing we have a plunge pool that is continually fed from the mountain stream so it is deliciously cold and extremely refreshing.  We also have an exclusive stretch deck with yoga mats, foam rollers and meditation cushions for your personal use.

Morning Practice

Start your day with a spring in your step!

Caroline offers a morning practice on the deck to those who wish to start their day with stretching, yoga, t’ai chi or chi kung, before they embark on breakfast.  Whether you are new to this kind of practice or it is something you do regularly yourself, you will find it is a great way to start your day here in the mountains.  More than this, it is something that you can take home with you, bringing the magic of the mountains into your everyday life.


Physiotherapy and Massage

Massage with Katie

We have now been working with Katie for some years and our clients are always delighted with their experience, not least because Katie combines a personal approach with professional expertise.  Katie is both a trained masseuse and a qualified physiotherapist.  Her massage provides a great way to relax and let go all those everyday tensions.  And her sports and Swedish style massage is great in preparation and recovery for sporting activities, much appreciated by our cycling guests.  One of her most impressive skills is identifying and addressing old injuries that have been lingering for some time (maybe years), and reminding you what it feels like to feel able and whole.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage with Jonathan

Jonathan visits us once a week from Grenoble, bringing his expertise in Thai massage.  This offers a deep energetic massage with dynamic movement, stretching, cranial-sacral work and acupressure.  This is like a full body work out done for you.  Jonathan often refers to it as lazy-man’s yoga. We believe it is much more than this, as Jonathan is able to listen to the body and adjust the movements to meet you where you are at.

Reiki Master - Caroline PurkhardtReiki with Caroline

Caroline has many guises at the Lodge but one of her favorites is being a Reiki Master and letting this guide her in both her personal and professional life.  Caroline offers individual Reiki sessions to those who are curious and to those who are already familiar with it. Reiki provides deep healing on a purely energetic level allowing you to relax in a profound way that is more restorative than sleep, release blockages from past experiences that are held in the body memory, and rebalance the body in a way that is revitalizing and liberating. She also offers Reiki training and initiations.


You may also be interested in our retreats!

Lauvitel Retreats

Stillness in Action Retreats at Lauvitel Lodge are designed for
you to take time out from your busy life to reconnect

Personal Retreat - Time Out on the Deck

Join us for one of our Stillness in Action Retreats and your experience here will surpass all expectations.  At Lauvitel Lodge we create the retreat space where you can relax completely, enjoy the natural environment, and be re-energised for your desired actions.

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