An Experience for Everyone Discover what you are looking for make everyone happy.

Lauvitel Lodge offers the perfect setting for moments of adventure and excitement, alongside extraordinary peace and tranquility

Finding the right mix of things to do during your holiday together can be a challenge.  This is especially true if you enjoy different activities and different rhythms, with some wanting to be super active and others just needing time to rest and revitalise.

At Lauvitel Lodge we have designed the space and the programme to be responsive to your diverse needs and we are extremely fortunate to be in close proximity to a wealth of both relaxing and adventurous activities.

Our Stillness in Action experiences offer you the time and space to slowdown, be in nature and reconnect with yourself.  You will feel refreshed, revitalised and reawakened.

In addition there are a vast array of activities on offer – there’s bound to be something for everyone.  Some are right on our door step and nearly all are within half an hour’s drive.

Each person will find what they are looking for and be delighted that you chose this perfect place.


Stillness in Action - Morning Experiences Reawaken Through the Connection with Nature!

This is the moment you get to breath the fresh air of the mountains, drink the pure water of the streams, listen to the
bird song, dance in the trees, climb every pathway and explore every fragrance.

Brought to you by Caroline Purkhardt (Ph.D.), owner of Lauvitel Lodge, this series of conscious nature experiences have been crafted to offer you the time and space to slow down, be in nature and reconnect with yourself – so that you feel refreshed, revitalised and reawakened.

Caroline is a social psychologist, and author of the book Stillness in Action. She is deeply passionate about helping people connect to their innate power and wisdom, and learn how to access ease and flow on a daily basis so that they are able to bring more energy and aliveness into their life and work.

The Experiences

2 hours of sensory exploration and sharing the pure joy of being in nature’s wilderness.  Caroline will guide you along the secret paths that surround Lauvitel Lodge so that you can experience the distinctive energies of the natural elements, and share her wisdom and passion for nature and nature’s relationship with being human.  This exceptional site offers a unique opportunity to connect intimately with nature’s beauty, tranquillity, power, softness and wisdom. We highly recommend that you make a day of it and enjoy a related activity in the afternoon to deepen your experience.

You will leave these morning experiences with a sense of inner peace, shared joy, and maybe with an unforgettable moment of bliss.



Growth, creativity and your own unique self-expression
This is the occasion to really explore what is meant by “forest bathing”: to listen to the trees, feel their resonance and assimilate their sense of longevity and unity.



Your sense of stability and serenity
This is an opportunity to explore ways of feeling more grounded and secure.



Enter into a state of fluidity
Deepen your ability to adapt to new and uncertain circumstances.



Alignment of mind and body
Tap into the power of your own presence.

An Experience for Everyone and Every Season! Millions of things to do, or you can just rest.

Lauvitel Lodge offers the perfect setting for moments of adventure and excitement, alongside extraordinary peace and tranquility

Helping you choose the best way to spend your holiday

It is not always easy to find something that suits everyone, from strenuous, thrilling adventure to gentle, reflective wondering. And we all know it is the secret to having an amazing holiday together.

Action is a key part of what happens here and there is a wealth of possibility in proximity to Lauvitel Lodge, from “yang” high energy action to “yin” quiet, peaceful action. We go out of our way to share our experience and knowledge so that you get to choose the activities that suit you, and those you are with, best.

You will leave with memories of spending a great time together, with each person picking out something different from your time here – and they will be asking when can they come back again.

Choose Your Activity There's Something for Everyone

Hiking and Walking Walk mountain trails, riverside routes, and view the crystal clear lakes

Lauvitel Lodge is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Bourg d’Oisans, and is much loved and frequently returned to by walkers and walking groups.

Mountain Adventure Climb the alpine peaks, raft the rivers and soar above it all

If you are looking for adventure in the mountains, then there is no better place to find it than from Lauvitel Lodge, in close proximity to all the offerings of the Veneon Valley and the Oisans resorts.

Cycling - Oisans Valley Cycle Alpe d'Huez and the mountain passes

If you’re looking for accommodation while coming to the French Alps to cycle the likes of Alpe D’Huez, Col de Croix De Fer or Galibier then you have found the right place.
Cycling - Hill Climbs

Skiing & Winter Activities When it comes to sliding on snow, there is plenty to satisfy your every desire

With 3 epic ski resorts on your doorstep, endless-off-piste and ski touring, and tranquil cross-country trails... you won't run out of terrain to ski and snowboard.

Wellbeing & Retreats Lauvitel Lodge is THE place for Being Well

Simply being here is already enough to transport you to another state of being. Within no time you will put a spring back in your step!

Group Events and Celebrations Enjoy a warm welcome and soak up our hospitality

We have the facilities to host a wide array of events from retreats and seminars, to gatherings and celebrations. Whatever your needs, we’d be delighted to host you and show you a warm welcome!