Team Building

Team Building in
the Heart of Nature

Enhance performance, team collaboration, and decision making.

When you choose to come to Lauvitel Lodge with your team, our dedicated space, the StillPoint, creates a breath-taking setting – offering a ‘time out’ in a place that is safe, restful and surrounded by natural beauty.

Our team building days are delivered and facilitated by leadership and team development expert, and owner of Lauvitel Lodge, Caroline Purkhardt (Ph.D.). A qualified Professional Coach (CPCC), Doctor in Social Psychology and Master in Reiki and T’ai Chi, Caroline developed the highly effective “Stillness in Action” method to help individuals, teams and business leaders positively impact their personal and professional lives and inspire those around them.

Caroline will work with you and other key stakeholders to understand the business challenges you are facing and your goals for the future. We listen to what you want and adapt the space and services accordingly.

By providing a mix of both quiet reflection time and exciting mountain activities, our intent is that you and your team return to the office with the power and wisdom to be more effective in coordinating their actions, and to lay the bedrock of your future success.

Whether you are looking to renew connections, reinvigorate collaboration, create alignment or  integrate everyone’s contribution, we will work with you and your leadership team to design and  facilitate indoor and outdoor team building events that develop specific qualities that you have identified.

Caroline will also work with you in the weeks or months following the retreat to make sure you and your team take the benefits back to the office, stay accountable and implement the actions agreed upon.

In Brief:
  • Accommodation for up to 20 people
  • A breath-taking and transformational environment in the heart of nature
  • On-site restaurant with excellent organic food
  • A selection of indoor and outdoor spaces and break out areas adapted to different activities
  • Close proximity and easy access to a variety of natural and cultural experiences

Please get in touch to find out more about our facilities and how we can design a powerful experience for your team.

Caroline Purkhardt PhD
Team Building