Hosting your Retreat

Lauvitel Lodge is an Amazing Place to be on Retreat

If you are looking for a retreat venue in the heart of nature, your experience here will surpass all expectations.

Hosting Your Retreat

Hosting your retreat is one of our greatest pleasures and we go out of our way to ensure that our retreat spaces offer what you are looking for: peace and serenity; healthy, fresh food: and a smooth, supportive organization.  This lets you focus on leading your retreat and doing what you do best.

Lauvitel Lodge is an ideal location for holding your retreat or workshop in the heart of nature.  Retreats at Lauvitel Lodge often combine wellbeing and/or spiritual practice such as yoga, t’ai chi, mindfulness, meditation and singing, with time to relax in the tranquillity of the natural surroundings and enjoy the magnificent beauty of the French Alps.

Caroline and the Lauvitel lodge team will give you all the support you need to create an amazing experience for your participants.  The different spaces and services of Lauvitel Lodge are adapted to your needs.  There is our purpose built retreat space, The StillPoint, and inside the lodge there is the light and spacious principal room, a second communal activities room and small upstairs sitting room.  In the open air there is the front terrace, beautiful terraced gardens with open lawns, lime trees, fresh water fountain and Abingdon labyrinth.  In the spring, summer and autumn, the favoured sacred space is the secluded garden with stretch deck, flower beds and a gently running stream.  There are also yoga mats and meditation cushions available for your use.

In addition, Caroline takes special care to assist you in selecting activities that align with your intentions and compliment your programme.  There is ample choice, from wandering in the meadows, walking along the rivers and following forest trails to hiking up to Lauvitel Lake, white water rafting, climbing via ferrata and more.

You are invited to come and visit Lauvitel Lodge for yourself whilst planning your retreat, or to speak personally with Caroline via telephone or video conference, so that you can discover how Lauvitel Lodge and the StillPoint is just what you have been looking for.

In Brief:
  • Retreats for up to 20 people
  • Healthy food aligned with your event
  • A selection of indoor and outdoor spaces and break out areas adapted to different activities
  • Close proximity and easy access to a variety of natural and cultural experiences
  • A peaceful environment
  • Massage, Thai massage, Reiki, Meditation
  • Helpful support services that are designed specifically for retreats

Getting to and from the Lodge could not be easier with flights or trains into Grenoble and Lyon.  We are also able to arrange transfer/pick up and drop off services.

Mission and Purpose Reconnect with Nature!

At the heart of the purpose of the Still Point are sustainability and connection

At Lauvitel Lodge we believe that connecting with nature and listening to our inner voice will guide us in the right direction. Whether that be in our personal journey, in our work and business, or our causes and efforts towards world-embetterment.

The phrase so often used on a school report comes to mind.  Could do better.  We could do better.  We know we could do better and there is a strong and growing desire to do much better.  As human beings, we are brilliant. Our ingenuity, innovation, science, technology and more have boundless capability. It is imperative that we now engage and apply them consciously from a perspective of unity.

The purpose at the heart of the Still Point Space is sustainability and connection.

  • Sustainability – Sustainability of our own well-being and happiness; sustainability of our businesses and relationships; sustainability of our relationship with the planet.
  • Connection – Connection and integration of all the different aspects of who we are and all the different roles each one of us plays.  This means working with mind, heart, body and soul, in anything that we undertake.

We are all of nature.  It is so engrained in our way of thinking that human beings are separate from nature that it is challenging to find the language the expresses this inherent unity.

Why the still point?  Because all great action starts in stillness.  It is in stillness that we come home to centre, gathering ourselves in, quietening the frenetic action and business of everyday.  It is in stillness that we let go of old ways of doing things and imagine new possibilities.  It is in stillness that new beginnings emerge – beginnings that are more attuned with ourselves and with nature.

Hosting Your Retreat

Lauvitel Lodge is seeking to partner with people and organisations who are aligned with our mission and wish to use the StillPoint space, and the lodge, to host their events and retreats on a recurring basis.

If you are interested in learning more and potentially becoming on of our partners, please complete the application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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April 2018

Fun Times at Lauvitel Lodge

French in Action: Language Immersion Retreat

  • Jump to the next level in your French
  • Immerse yourself in the French language and culture for 4 days
  • Use your body wisdom to merge playing with learning
  • Relax in the midst of stunning scenery in the French Alps!

The French in Action: Immersion Retreat will take a very different approach to anything you might have tried before.

You will discover, through action, how your body holds wisdom that can be applied to learning new skills. The mix of French language instruction plus speaking French non-stop throughout the weekend whilst “playing” in nature will tap into hidden resources that will leave you feeling inspired and invigorated in your French communication.

The event will be facilitated by Jane Fabulet-Roberts (Actrice and Language Coach) and Dr. Caroline Purkhardt (Motivational Coach, Reiki & T’ai Chi Master).

Apr, 27 18:00 - May, 01 17:00
Lauvitel Lodge, Lauvitel Lodge La Danchere, Venosc, 38520 France

August 2018

Yoga Goddess Getaway Retreat

Yoga Goddess Getaway – Reclaim Retreat

Annual Goddess Getaway in collaboration with the wonderful Tamar Gail and Amanda Peticca. This end of summer weekend getaway takes inspiration from the natural awe of the beautiful and majestic mountains. We aim to slow down after a summer of travel and excitement, getting back into a natural rhythm by focusing on our body, mind and spirit with daily meditation, yoga, sound healing and hikes.

Aug, 24 18:00 - Aug, 26 18:00
Lauvitel Lodge, Lauvitel Lodge La Danchere, Venosc, 38520 France

September 2018

#DeepTalkAnywhere Retreat


Learn to connect deeply and stay in touch with anyone – while being location independent. Join us for the #DeepTalkAnywhere Retreat in the heart of the French Alps. The Retreat is brought to Lauvitel Lodge by Silvia Bastos and Michal Korzonek from Honeyboom.

Sep, 14 12:00 - Sep, 18 12:00
Lauvitel Lodge, Lauvitel Lodge La Danchere, Venosc, 38520 France

August 2020

Marche & Pleine Conscience dans Les Alpes

Vous avez envie de vivre l’expérience d’une semaine de marche et de pratique de la pleine conscience dans un cadre exceptionnel ? Vous désirez faire un break dans votre vie et réfléchir à ce qui est important pour vous ? Vous vivez ou sortez d’une période difficile sur un plan personnel et/ou professionnel ? Vous souhaitez changer des choses dans votre façon d’être, de vivre votre quotidien, accéder à plus de sérénité, libérer votre potentiel  ? Vous souhaitez vous recharger en…

Aug, 22 11:30 - Aug, 29 09:00
Lauvitel Lodge, Lauvitel Lodge La Danchere, Venosc, 38520 France
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