Personal Retreats

Your Personal VIP Retreat

  • You are a business owner
  • You are a leader
  • You are the mother of adolescent ‘nearly’ adults
  • You are in the midst of an unexpected transition

And ……….. You are looking for some space and time for yourself.

This Personal Retreat offers you the time to rest, a place to play and activities to inspire you.

Meditation, T’ai Chi Kung and yoga each morning and evening

Forest walks, mountain climbs and swimming in mountain lakes, reconnecting with the source energies of nature

Individual sessions including Coaching, Reiki and Massage (there is one session per day included in the retreat package)

Group sessions to release your inner wisdom and inspiration

This Personal Retreat is designed for you to choose your own rhythm of engagement and explore the activities that serve you best in re-establishing your inner peace, vitality and well-being.

Dates: by arrangement

Price Guide : 5 days 750 to 1,000 €

Leader: Caroline Purkhardt (PhD, CPCC)

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Personal Retreat - Time Out on the Deck
Personal Retreat - Relaxing in the Sunshinve