Thrive Leadership Retreat

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Thrive Leadership Retreat

24 September 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 28 September 2021 @ 12:30 pm


24th – 28th Sept 2021

We invite you to join us for the next Thrive Retreat in in partnership with the Agents of Change Alliance, from Wednesday 24th – Sunday 28th September 2021. Ignite your leadership, re-source, and take the next leap forwards in your leadership journey – so that you are able to contribute more to yourself, to others, and to the wider world.

We are excited to offer you this opportunity to experience a powerful community of allies, breath-taking scenery and nature, and deep learning and growth to catapult you forwards on your journey.

We promise you will leave feeling stronger, more connected, and more vibrant and alive!


Simply arriving at Lauvitel Lodge is an experience in itself. The majesty of the mountains has to be seen to be believed; they are not only awe-inspiring, they are also imposing. They call out your power and strength, and demand that you show up. The energy of the place is palpable. It’s vibrant, powerful, yet very grounding. Once you feel it you’ll know you’re in for a deep, life-enhancing experience.

And this is all before any of the Experiential Learning Sessions are thrown into the mix! This is a space for you to be both nurtured, and stretched…

Lac Lauvitel


Who Is It For?

Change Agents, Leaders, and Sacred Activists – who are wanting more… more connection, more clarity, more conviction… The retreat is an opportunity to plug back into the mains, to have inspirational conversations, make stimulating connections, and have four days solely focused on you, your life, and your mission/purpose!

The retreat will take you on an experiential journey that will provoke deep learning, huge amounts of personal growth and support you to make the next leap forward on your continuing leadership journey.

  • Do you yearn for deeper connections with like-minded people in your work and in your everyday life?
  • Are you ready to make the next big shift? Whether that be in your life, your business, your income, or your impact?
  • Are you hungry to continue growing yourself as a leader and show up more fully in your life and the world?
  • Do you need some time and space and recharge, and come home to yourself – so that you can contribute from a place of being full?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then this retreat is for you!

What’s Next for You in Your Leadership Journey?

This event will accelerate your growth as a leader. You will expand into your full range, call forth a new source of strength and power from deep within, and show up on a whole new level! The programme content draws on the five elements of earth, air, water, wood, and fire from Caroline’s “Stillness in Action Model and is purposely designed to infuse each of the energies into your learning to create and balanced and holistic experience.

  • You will be inspired, refuelled, recharged, be supported, and find the inner peace to be fired up and go out in the world and truly lead. You will be ready to make a bigger impact and transform more lives!
  • You will slow down and reconnect to source, tap into your inner strengths, and leave behind your doubts. You will gain clarity, confidence and a sense of knowing that what lies next is well within your grasp. You will have a level of ‘realness’ that you’ve never experienced before.
  • You will develop more flexibility and grow your capacity to navigate the increasingly unpredictable climate that we find ourselves in.
  • You will have the opportunity to leverage the power of this community and source the support and partnership you need to lead more effortlessly and effectively in your life and work.

Our aim is for you to leave the retreat feeling grounded, refreshed, inspired, and unstoppable! More committed, and more able, to really step up and lead. You will be both inspired and engaged, and leave with support from the Agents of Change Alliance that will really accelerate your learning, and enable your impact as a leader to flow with ease and grace.

About the Facilitators

Kyle Newman
Bsc, Master Coach/Trainer, Change Agent, Evo-Warrior

For the past two decades, Kyle has dedicated his life to understanding how to help individuals and organisations thrive.  He has an innate gift for working with individuals and organisations to help them unleash their full power and find their path forward. He is quickly able to help them identify and set fire to the stuff that is holding them back, and excels at helping them breakthrough limits and boundaries and step into new territory. Kyle is an expert adventurer and guide and has a unique ability to see the way forward, even when others can’t. Not only pointing the way, but also walking alongside his clients as they make their journey. His message, to live and lead untamed and unafraid, urges us to be who we truly are and bring our unique gifts and talents to the world – boldly and courageously, and to triumph in spite of our fears and doubts. His work has changed thousands of lives around the globe.

Caroline Purkhardt
PhD Social Psychology, Transition Coach, T’ai Chi Master

Dr. Caroline Purkhardt lives in the mountains of the French Alps and daily draws on her connection with nature to give her wisdom and guidance to successfully lead Lauvitel Lodge. Author of ‘Stillness in Action’, she believes that Body Wisdom and Spiritual Connection guide, inform, inspire and direct our actions in a way that is both true to ourselves and in coordination with those around us. They lend an integrity to our actions that goes beyond our rational minds and personal feelings. They are a key aspect of efficiency that is directed both to the detail of running the business and to the larger goal of creating businesses that are healthy, sustainable and successful.

About Lauvitel Lodge

Lauvitel Lodge is a mountain getaway in the heart of the French Alps: the Oisans valley famous for cycling and skiing. It is a place for family gatherings, holidays with friends, as well as a base for well-being retreats which are held here on a regular basis.

The Lodge provides a comfortable place to rest and relax in between various mountain adventures. You can enjoy a fresh and delicious meal, coffee, or simply use one of our terraced gardens to read a book or nap in a hammock. There is a wide offer of wellbeing services, too: massage, Reiki, Tai-Chi and wellness coaching.

The beautiful natural surroundings of the Lodge are comprised of magnificent mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, running rivers and pristine forests. The exceptional landscape makes it a perfect place to reconnect with your true self and simply take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

How to get there?

Lauvitel Lodge is located in a small hamlet of La Danchere, about one-hour drive from Grenoble, which is also the closest train station. If you are travelling by plane, the closest airports are Lyon, Geneva or Turin. You can contact us directly if you need help with travel arrangements.