About Lauvitel Lodge

About Lauvitel Lodge

Lauvitel Lodge, La DanchereLauvitel Lodge is a mountain getaway in the heart of the French Alps – the Oisans valley famous for cycling and skiing. Providing perfect space for family gatherings and holidays with friends,  Lauvitel Lodge is also a place for wellbeing retreats, self-development workshops and corporate team events.

The ultimate idea behind the Lodge is for it to be a “home from home”, where people come back to reconnect with Nature, themselves and others.


Lauvitel Lodge is located in a small hamlet of La Danchere, about one-hour drive from Grenoble. Situated at the end of the road, it marks the gateway to the Ecrins National Park, and much much more.

The beautiful natural surroundings of the Lodge comprise of magnificent mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, running rivers and pristine forests, with fresh clean air and a real sense of stillness that is a rare gem. This exceptional landscape makes it a perfect place for reconnecting with yourself and your loved ones, or simply taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The closest airports to La Danchere are Grenoble, Lyon, Chambery, Geneva and Turin. If you need any assistance in planning your travel to the Lodge, you can get full details of our location here, or  contact us directly.


Our mission is to enable guests to experience the tranquillity of nature while they stay at the Lodge – and then to take this experience back home with them. We are very happy to see the community of nature-lovers growing around Lauvitel Lodge every year. To nurture this community, we have transformed Lauvitel Lodge from a mountain refuge it once was into comfortable lodging for sole travellers, couples, families, groups of friends and for hosting events.

We are providing a welcoming place to stay, no matter whether you want to come for two nights or two weeks. One of many distinctive qualities of Lauvitel Lodge is that it brings together people from different countries, social backgrounds and of various ages, granting them an opportunity to meet each other.


Fun Times at Lauvitel Lodge

Every year Lauvitel Lodge keeps thriving thanks to hundreds of guests visiting us in La Danchere. They come for many different reasons – to cycle or hike in the summer, to ski in winter, for well-being retreats in the spring and autumn, or simply to enjoy being out in the beautiful alpine nature all year round.

With regularly returning visitors, a dedicated Lauvitel team and a strong network of neighbouring businesses, Lauvitel Lodge is a part of supportive community including  guests, staff, visitors and friends. Within this community, there are many who come to the Lodge to kick-start their projects, find inspiration or simply meet others who are walking a similar path to theirs.


Aside from hosting holiday groups and family reunions, the flagship events of Lauvitel Lodge are our wellbeing and personal development retreats. Those include in-house retreats run by Dr Caroline Purkhardt, as well as workshops and getaways brought to us by various professionals from all around the world.

Our regular Lauvitel Retreats organized each year include: Couple’s Getaway Retreat, Reiki Wellbeing Retreat, Alpine Adventure Retreat and Stillness in Action Tai-Chi Retreat. To learn more about this growing aspect of Lauvitel Lodge, take a look here: “Lauvitel Retreats” .

Meet the Team

The Lauvitel Team extends far beyond the people you’ll see when you come to the Lodge. We collaborate with our friends all around the world, with our regular guests and neighbouring businesses to make the Lodge an extraordinary place to stay. There is a whole network of contributors who build up the uniqueness of Lauvitel Lodge.

Some people in the team put their heart into running and growing Lauvitel Lodge on a daily basis. Meet us!

Caroline Purkhardt

Owner & Patron

Owner, patron and front of the house. You can meet Caroline on the Tai-Chi deck in the morning and... in all corners of the Lodge later in the day. When she is not tai-chiing, coaching or serving guests, Caroline is likely to be found swimming in Lauvitel Lake or climbing up a rock – provided it is high and dangerous enough.

Kim van Steenhoven

Gourmet Chef

Gourmet chef for the most part – but meanwhile, Kim also keeps an eye on the whole place, making sure that things are running smoothly. She has worked in the Lodge for several years now, so she knows the house inside out. Kim usually appears caring and loving (watch her play with a cat!) – but turns into a serious competitor at the ping-pong table.

Maria Mureddu

Lodge Host & Chef

Juggling roles of the Lodge host, housekeeper and chef. Maria has lived in the French Alps for 6 years now, but moved to Lauvitel Lodge only recently to start a brand new chapter of her life. She is always eager to meet guests from all around the world – speaking four languages, she can connect with virtually anyone. When fed up with talking Maria simply... goes out for a run.

Marta Brzosko

Lodge Host & Writer

Juggling roles of the Lodge host, housekeeper and writer. Marta came to the Lodge as a seasonal worker “just for one summer” and... she kept coming back. She is still amazed with the quality of mountain life and being a part of the local community. Watch your words when you talk to her – anything you say might be used for one of her stories later on!