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<span>Access your</span> Inner Peace

Access your Inner Peace


Upcoming Retreats:

Indian's Head at sunset

Reiki in the Mountains Retreat – 18th to 23rd June 2017

Retreat from the daily concerns, demands and routine of everyday life and discover the rich practice of Reiki in the wonderful surroundings of Lauvitel Lodge in the French Alps, with its forest paths, clear skies, fresh air, rocky mountains and cool running waters. Give yourself the time to fully assimilate the Reiki 1 initiation and experience this transmission in the most stunning of settings. Your Reiki Retreat.

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Your Holiday Retreat – 2nd – 9th of August 2015

This holiday at Lauvitel Lodge is a holiday with a difference. In addition to a full range of mountain activities that are on your doorstep at Lauvitel Lodge you will deepen your sense of well-being through the morning and evening practices that will be offered during your Holiday Retreat.


Bespoke Leadership Development Cycling the giant

Bespoke Leader Development – 17th – 20th of September 2015

Shift your leadership into gear one hairpin at a time

Join us in a personal development programme with a big difference. 1,850m to be exact! You get to ride one of the giants of the cycling world as you get to discover more about what it is to be a leader, and how you can increase your leadership impact.

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Your Personal Retreat – Time for Yourself – 22nd – 27th of September 2015

You are a business owner

You are a leader

You are the mother of adolescent ‘nearly’ adults

You are in the midst of an unexpected transition

And … You are looking for some space and time for yourself.

Me and sheila doing 3rd tThe Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Transforming Your Life From the Outside In – 30th September – 4th October 2015

The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop Retreat is an incredible opportunity to build community and to reconnect with yourself, your Source, and your life. Here’s what you can expect.

Navigate the Leadership Labyrinth

Uncovering The Heart’s Intention: A Journey to Self-Leadership – September 2015

Discover how to manifest your heart’s true intentions and gain a clearer vision of your goals, values, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and motivations. In this three-part journey, including two 3-hour workshops and a 3-day retreat, you’ll build a strong foundation from which to make daily decisions — both professionally and personally. Read more and book


All Well-Being Offers at Lauvitel Lodge:

Individual Retreats



Hosting your Event

Individual Retreats

You may only have a week-end to spare or you may be looking for a longer stay of two to three months - somewhere with a difference.

Be it for:

  • Recovery and recuperation
  • Peace and tranquillity
  • Stillness in transition
  • Insight and transformation
  • Inspiration and commitment

Your time here will be exceptional.  With as much freedom as you like, you may explore the mountains, experience new activities, focus on a particular project or simply ‘do’ nothing.  It is really up to you.  The in-house expertise is also there to assist you in designing the most rewarding stay at Lauvitel Lodge – one that you will carry with you beyond the hills and rivers of the Oisans valley.


Energetics draws on a diversity of practices and traditions which focus on the alignment and balancing of energy.

Be it for:

  • The art of healing
  • Relaxation and revitalization
  • The freedom to play full out
  • Renewing  relationships
  • As a catalyst to creativity

Energetics opens the pathway to healthier, happier and more inspired living.   By focusing attention on those things that come naturally, (and hence we tend to ignore) it is possible to tap into the power of our conscious minds in alignment with our physical being.  This experiential learning can be offered individually, in couples or in groups. It can be done in the serenity of moving meditation; in the joyful fun of playing games; or in the face of physical challenge.  In other words, it is designed to suit you.


Being accompanied by a coach through any transition in life is like drinking clear water when you are thirsty.

Be it for:

  • Living in the unknown
  • Finding your own voice
  • Exploring possibilities
  • Rejoicing in connection
  • Creating your contribution

Coaching with Caroline will transform your life.  Creating a time and space that is just for you, there is the experience of coming home to self.  From there, it is possible to bring more of who you are into what you do, be it with your colleagues at work, with your family at home or in your leisure pursuits.  By holding you fiercely in her loving presence you will find yourself moving past those things that get in your way and gradually stepping into your own magnificence.

Hosting your Event

With its magnificent location and welcoming staff Lauvitel Lodge is the ideal place to host your next event.

Be it for:

  • Well-Being Retreats
  • Group Celebrations
  • Business Seminars
  • Sporting Challenges
  • Leadership Training

We will support you in creating an extraordinary and memorable experience for your participants.  By combining the on-sight facilities with the neighbouring activities the range of possibilities is phenomenal.   It may be simply for fun or enjoyment; it may be for a particular cause or purpose; and it may be to reach beyond what you thought was possible.  Whatever the reason, we will tailor our facilities to support your programme.

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